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Recoil Hose System

Recoil Hose System

    • Now made with our new Rapid Locking Air Chucks!
    • Inflates or deflates all 4 tires simultaneously
    • Equalizes pressure automatically
    • Holds memory of shape to quickly coil back up
    • Fits up to 180" wheelbase, can be cut shorter using push-to-connect fittings
    • Includes a digital pressure gauge and industrial coupler plug
    • Rated up to 150 PSI within -40°F to 160°F
    • Stores easily in the provided bag

    Bundle with a M.O.A.B. 10.6 CFM Portable Air Compressor and save

    Don't forget to grab an adapter if you aren't using our M.O.A.B. compressor!

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